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Chrome (mac) won't display embed video from dropbox

Hi Guys,
I have created a site with an .MP4 video and the landing page intro.
The video is hosted as an embed off dropbox.
Safari seems to autoplay the video but nothing shows up on Chrome and Firefox just stays static.
I have tried hosting off and still same result.

Im not sure why it doesn’t show up on Chrome and needed some insight!

embed code-

<video width="100%"
<source src= 

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Allawah Stay]
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

hi @Spagbowls_parma_chee your video have 12mb so you can use WF bg-video element instead as it have max file size 30mb

Thanks for that, while it did work for that particular job I’m wondering if you had a page with many videos wouldn’t this method slow down the page hence why I was trying to use Dropbox streaming raw=1 ?

hi @Spagbowls_parma_chee you have to consider that raw=1 is to hack dropbox link and Dropbox link is not made for sharing video this way. You can use for example Vimeo instead. I’m using this Dropbox hack for example for images to be shown in shared Markdown documentation.

Hi Stan,
The reason why I started doing the dropbox embed hosting is that I didn’t like the Vimeo controls and lack of autoplay. I wanted my videos clean of any advertising. Even at that Im finding hot hard to reach a decent resolution when making the video a landing page attract feature.
BTW I didn’t know raw=1 was basically a hack, makes sense now why its not 100% compat on other browsers.

HI @Spagbowls_parma_chee Vimeo does’n have advertisement as YT does without asking since last year. I have doubt that Vimeo adding adverts as is for artist (mainly) and if nothing changed only limitation is 500Mb upload /month, but to be honest I didn’t check if they recently set some new rules. Anyway, If you have a lots of videos it is always better to choose some paid platform that will host your videos.

You can customise Vimeo the way you need It can be time consuming but I saw that it can be done.

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