Email notification issue

We have a new site from which the form recipient email address is not receiving form submission notifications and we are trying to figure out where the problem lies. The IT guy working on the issue has asked if the email notifications being sent from Webflow to the recipient are being sent as “sent as” or “to”. Can anybody clarify?


Hi @grantsenior,

I’d recommend reaching out to support for clarification here:

There are some common issues with email deliverability such as using a role-based email or using greylisting.

You can try running the email address through here to check if there are any status/sub-status issues: Free Email Verifier and Validation | ZeroBounce

Heard back from Webflow Support and they said they had a look and there was a block in place for the email that was listed. They removed the block which may fix the issue. The email being used is mail@… which is a role-based email address; role-based emails (admin@…, support@…, hello@…, contact@…) typically are blocked by email provider/hosts. The unblock worked. Hooray!

Thanks Webflow Support.

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