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New Forms no longer emailed to me!

Does anyone know of a new feature or change to the webflow programs that would stop my forms from notifying me of a new form??? It started around October 4th. We get about 2 customers a day that contact us via one of our forms and have received none since October 4th. I sent a test one and it did not get emailed to me. I checked the form data inside the webflow website and we have been getting forms since October 4th, they are just not getting emailed to us.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! This has never happened before. I can’t think of any changes I made to the website that would stop the forms.


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Did you double-check your form “Send form submissions to:” field to make sure your email address is still listed there?

Other than that, there’s apparently a blacklisting issue that’s been going around. I’d say to contact support.

Ensure reCaptcha is NOT enabled on your project if you are not using it. See this article:


@cyberdave @Waldo IMO this warning should be displayed more prominently instead of greyed out:

I heard back from support and it was the blacklisting issue. They can’t assure me that it won’t happen again but offered some suggestions to avoid it in the future. Thanks for your help!

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perhaps you can share more info about this so that others can avoid it as well?

Sure thing!

My email was blacklisted. Here are some of the reasons given for that happening.

In general, the reasons can be one of the following (but can also be added with no reason given in some cases, we are just not provided the reason):

  • recipient: user unknown
  • domain: invalid domain
  • domain: no mail host
  • system: connection issue
  • recipient: quota exceeded
  • spam: content blocked
  • per customer request (in this case, someone has sent our support desk an email asking to be added to the blacklist, i.e. they do not want to receive any mails ever)
  • Customer has used the Opt-Out link (or anyone they have forwarded the message on to)

Here is the solution from webflow to avoid the blacklist in the future. I’m going to look into this a little more when I have some time.

I would suggest the following steps:

I would suggest that to ensure a higher degree of mail deliverability, to look into using our built in Zapier integration to do a couple of things:

a) Send form submissions to Google Sheets via Zapier to save the forms in sheet format that can be viewed by the customer
b) Use the built in Zapier integration to send the submissions through GMAIL to the target email address. Sometimes this is a better method as you would be bypassing the bulk-mailer and using Google to send the mail which usually results in high delivery rates.

They were quite helpful!

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