Connecting Client's info email to form

Hello Webflow Team,

I just launched a site for a client and we’re having a slight dilemma receiving email notifications from form submissions. I’ve added my own “info” email and I received the submissions on my end, the client has not. Their domain has been purchased via and we have at CMS plan from Webflow.

Below is a screenshot of the form settings.

Please look into this matter, thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Kadianhall,

I ran this email through the ZeroBounce Email Verifier and it came back as Invalid - Does Not Accept Mail.

I couldn’t find any MX records set up either (WhatsMyDNS) - it may be worth checking that this email is set up correctly.

It’s also best to avoid using role-based emails (eg. admin@, info@, support@, hello@, reception@…) as they’re typically are blocked by email providers/hosts.

You can read more on why not to use role-based emails here: What Are Role Based Email Addresses

When role-based emails are used, they are commonly blocked by email providers because they have a high bounce rate, a high opt-out rate, and get more than their fair share of spam complaints. Role accounts are often used to blacklist senders that get caught sending to “honeypot” spam traps. Furthermore, since spam compliant email systems require explicit consent by a real person, it is difficult to prove an individual actually gave you permission to send an email to reception@.

Hope this helps!

Hello @mww

Thank you a ton for looking into this, I’ll have the client look into their email hosting. It’s weird because i’m using as a test and the messages are getting to my inbox.