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Email collection tool


My client has requested a feature to be added to their site. Basically to collect email addresses with the incentive of a free download of their guide. Process as follows…

visitor enters email address and is then sent a link to the free download. e-mail address is then retained for newsletters/campaigns etc.

I don’t believe I can achieve this in Webflow forms?? Any suggestions on best way to achieve this…are there any 3rd party tools/providers I can call on? Appreciate that I may have to export site for this feature…


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There is a solution. Your client can achieve this using Pardot Form Handlers. You will simply update the Method/Action of your form to POST to the Endpoint URL provided by Pardot, then your client can set up an autoresponder email (Pardot will detect that a user entered their email, and in response you can send them the newsletter in an email “drip”). The email will be retained as well.

This may not be the only solution, but it works very well for my team. We send newsletters, eBooks, promotional material, and more as a result of receiving emails in multiple places on our website.

Our site:



Thanks for that Christopher. It looks good…but…the cheapest package comes in at £800 per month (if I understand it correctly) which will be a bit rich for my client. I don’t think she is expecting sufficient volumes to justify that cost. I guess it’s because Pardot is a full featured marketing tool and we only need the handler element. Any other suggestions?

Many Thanks

Hey @donski,

You could do this using zapier, it’s easy to set-up and it works great with webflow.

Use the zap “Send emails for new Webflow form submissions” set it up to send an email to the given email containing the download link, then for the newsletter campaign you can add another step to your zap to save the email address in something like a mailchimp mailing list.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Sidney…I’ll check it out. Was also thinking…why not just put the download link in the success box?? Quick and dirty and can still capture the visitors mail address. I’ll have a play with that option also but I know my clients needs will grow so Zapier could be a great next step.



@donski Yeah that could actually be a quick and easy fix, or even send them to a thank you/download page or something…

Yeah Zapier is fun to use, it’s easy and there are a ton of things you can do with it, 95% of my own workflow is automated using Zapier. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @SidneyOttelohe, if you don’t mind me asking, what type of actions are you using in your Zapier workflow?

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