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Download Link send to email

Hi All,

We have a subscription form created with a free pdf document and we want the user receive the pdf link to his email once they subscribe.

So this is the process
Subscription Form > Click Download PDF > User will receive an email of the pdf link

Is it possible that the download link will be sent directly to the user’s email after they subscribe? If yes how?

And if there’s other options?

Thanks everyone!

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You can’t send an email to the user within Webflow - well you can’t email it to them. However, upon successful completion of the form - you could redirect them to a page with the download link. Just put in the redirect URL in the form settings.

Alternatively, if you want to email them the link - you could use Mailchimp to do it.

Hey @leeagosila,

Ever heard of ?
This could be the a great option for you.
It’s free when you have only 2 zaps which is you case.

The idea :

You create a new zap, add a new trigger which is your webflow form submission.
You and a new step which is sending an emailing though whatever free service (gmail ?) with your text template in and your link.
You auto pick your data email thanks to the webflow form and voila.
Hope this helps,

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Thanks Diarmuid_Sexton and zbrah

We will try those, will get back as soon we setup it properly


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