Elements are missing from canvas and cannot be selected

I have problems again but only on this particular project.
sometimes elements dissapear.

i can see them in the navigator but they don’t show up on the site.

At the moment I have a big problem with a Tab.
I had a Tab with three tabs. I copied one button of the Tab Navigation.
Then I deleted it. Since then I see only one Button on the site.
The Tabs and Buttons are in the Navigator but I dont’t see them…

I have the previous Versions but I don’t want to restore it because I made much changes.

Here is the actual site:

The page with the tabs is «Immobilien».

Is it possible that this Project is broken in a sense?

Any ideas?

Wow, that is certainly strange. @cyberdave

Yesterday also lost a complete Div Section with a Collection in it.
I made a new one after that.

You see it under «Kontakt» at the end of the Page.

I also have had this issue. I just thought it was my mac. I think I can actually recreate the instance if you want me to video cast it?

If you exit the designer and load it back, it appears again.

Hi @Mark_I

Thanks so much for posting about this and bringing it to our attention!

We are currently investigating this bizarre issue and hope to have a resolution as soon as possible!

Please keep the feedback coming - we read and log every update so if you run into more strange behavior, please let me know.

@magicmark if you are able to provide the steps to reproduce this behavior, that would be awesome! Also, if this issue is currently affecting one of your sites, can you please share the Read-Only link and some details on the missing elements?

​Thanks in advance!

I had a similar issue 2 days ago… except when the element disappeared

  • exiting the Designer did not bring it back.

It was strange because it wasn’t just “1 element”.

  • It was as if, everything I had done for the past 30 minutes or so - never happened.

I had to restore a previous version to fix the issue… but then of course, I lost everything between “current time” and the previous version.

I"ve tried a few times to recreate this morning, but with no joy. As soon as it happens, I will record and do the same again.

It happened a few times when I was using Chrome, so I then used Safari and it still happened. I pressed undo thinking I had caught the apple mouse or something and nothing happened. The first time I restored to a previous version, then next time I just closed the designer, re-opened and the elements we there again.

On another note, when the element disappeared, I pressed undo maybe 20 times… when I exited an re-opened the undo’s had taken effect.

Oh dear @revolution that computer flying past my window must have been you then? :grimacing:

Thanks for letting me know @magicmark and @Revolution

We are still investigating this and hope to have it resolved soon to prevent anymore headaches.

Thanks for your help so far and for your patience!

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thanks for your entries.
if i’am not alone with this i think its not my project only.
that’s reassuring in a way…

i also pressed redo but all i’ve done in the past was gone…
i also have to redo it manually.

with a collection it was possible to redo it, but with my tabs described at the top its strange.
they are still in the navigator. when i click the tab in the navigator they displayed in the designer.
but i can’t put new buttons in the tab nav to relink the tabs.
when i copy the first tab link and past it in it gives me two button element in the navigator. one i can select but the other one i can’t… when i delete one of them both disappears in the navigator…

@Mark_I @magicmark @Revolution

Thanks again for bringing this up.

We pushed a fix for this issue and it should not happen again. Can you please refresh your designers and confirm the issue is resolved for you?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.


I can’t resolve the two lost tab buttons.
Now i made a new tab element and copied the elements from the old one.

That was quick done.

Fortunately i had the third tab as loading tab.
So i saw all three of them. After i changed it to the first Tab as Loading tab the two others disappeared.

But now its fine for me.

I hope this issues don’t come again…


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