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Section disappearing


Sometimes when I double klick sections they just disappear. Especially symbols tend to disappear. Before it only disappeared from my edit mode but once I klicked the thing in the navigator it would show up again. Now it’s gone even there. Help meee, what can I do? And what am I doing wrong?

I restored my last session now so the section is back, but I’d like to know what’s up when this happens…

@Stina Yikes, this sounds very strange. Can you provide more details to help us track it down?

Does it only happen when you double click a Symbol?

Thanks for the report!

I’ve had similar bugs but with no luck of restoring versions. Not when I use symbols but when I work on project, then simply click on bookmark, stop it and press “BACK” to get back to my work. It has no stuff I did since last backup. If I go to restore previous version there is one with all my data but when I click on restore it simply doesn’t work. It’s a common bug for me but I didn’t have a moment to write about it since it doesn’t happen EVERY time. Both on Safari and Chrome on OS X.

@danro It is strange! And I don’t want to say it happens ONLY when I double klick, but mostly. Sometimes the section just disappears, and sometimes the area where it used to be becomes completely white and I can’t klick it or change it in any way. It’s like it’s a “dead” area.

When a symbol disappears it also says in my Asset Manager the symbol has “0 Instances” on my website. So it really is as if I deleted it.

As I said it most of the times still exists in my navigator and when I find it there it appears again, but last time it completely disappered on me. It did exist in me Restored version though. So I’m more fortunate than @bartekkustra! And this has happened to me serveral times too, just haven’t taken the time to report it since I most of the time can solve it pretty quickly but this time I got a bit more “scared”, which is why I report it now.

I’m tired(hey, it’s Friday afternoon over here), I’m sorry. So please tell me if this was completely useless to you and you need something else from me. I’d be happy to be of help in any way in solving this issue! Even if it’s most probably something I do wrong. Haha

Thank you for the details @bartekkustra and @Stina

Perhaps related: Sometimes when Chrome has been idle in the background, it can go into “sleep mode” which may cause some drawing issues in our designer. A browser reload would resolve this case.

If you notice another element gone missing :dash:, please send me a PM here on the forums with:

  • Your site’s url
  • Type of element that vanished
  • Whether the webflow tab was previously idle

We’ll do our best to find the cause!