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Tabs stopped working on some mobile devices

Tabs stopped working on some mobile devices for a site that has been live for almost a year. I cannot recreate the issue on my side, but customers are complaining that they can’t switch between tabs.

I have tried rebuilding the tabs element from scratch and several other things. Nothing appears to make a difference. Changing the default tab will show the alternate tab, but you still cannot switch between them.

I’m assuming this is a bug on Webflow’s side since this was never an issue before with this site.

The tab is located in the “Cities” collection page…same issue with the tab on the “tickets” static page.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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I pushed a hard work around for now and just copied the content from tab 2 into tab 1 with visibility set for mobile only and hid the label for tab 2 on mobile…just a heads up in case it looks funny. Should still be able to access the same content on tab 2.

Hi, @Jason_Green!

Thanks so much for reaching out about this issue.

So sorry for any frustrations this is causing. I am investigating this right now. I’ll post back here as soon as I know more.

I completely removed the elements from the tabs and now people cannot click through to the referenced links on certain mobile devices. This was all working fine for almost an entire year.

I’m thinking the only common thread here is the linking piece. The tab link wouldn’t switch tabs and now the actual referenced items won’t link through to the corresponding page even when removed from the tabs. It’s only on certain mobile devices.

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Yes, it seems to be prevalent in mobile Safari. It is working in mobile Chrome for me. I am flagging this as a bug and escalating it up the ladder. As soon as I know more, me or someone from the team will be back in touch.

Weird, there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the “times” collection list/pages if I send them directly to one of those links. (Those are the pages referenced by the non working links/Tabs).

People were also experiencing issues on Chrome from iPhone as well. Seems to be a about 75% of people are having issues.

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This is turning in to a very major issue for my client. When will this be resolved?

Is there a better way to get a status up date on this? This is a major major issue for everyone involved.

I would be willing to pay for priority support in the future. This is already going to to cost me loads of business and credibility for my company, the client, and Webflow in the reliability department. The main function of the site has been non-functional on mobile for over 24hrs during a major on-sale for a multi-million dollar event.

Is there any update on this? People are getting very antsy and I don’t have any answers for them.

Hi, Jason! I’m so sorry for any frustration this may be causing. I have filed this as a bug and sent it to our engineers. As soon as I hear more I’ll post again and be in touch!

Hi, @Jason_Green!

The good news is it looks like our team found the issue! If you select the div with the class Tabs Tickets, and change the positioning to relative everything works as expected. See this video:


That should do the trick! :smiley:

That did the trick. Very strange that that was causing the issue, but was able to launch the re-build over night. Thank you everyone.

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Hi, @Jason_Green!

So glad that we could help! :smiley:

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