Text changes are not saving or publishing to site

I have been having an issue all weekend where edits to text don’t persist when previewing, reloading, or saving and publishing my site. I tried all the suggestions I could find in other Forum threads (looks like others are having this issue as well): I have restarted my system, cleared my cache, hard saved and published.

I was hoping to be able to launch this new site today, but this is blocking me from doing so.
Please let me know if there is something else I can try.

Thanks so much,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Try running your browser in private/incognito mode. That will usually rule out any extensions that are creating an issue.

Thanks @webdev for responding. Still not working in an incognito menu.

Status on Webflow shows clear. You need to isolate the issue to your network, your machine, or your browser .

For browser fault isolation I would test using another browser. If the performance is the same, then I would try to rule out network issues by surfing some sites on webflow.io or pages the Webflow university. Do site pages also load slow? If you see pages loading slow then you could be having issues on the network side. Amazon’s infrastructure is clear, so hosting looks good.

Lots of networks (your ISP for example) are overloaded due to increased traffic (COVID-19) so it’s hard to say from my end. Hopefully your issue is temporary.

Still happening on Safari.
I am assuming it is a network issue.

This is odd. It is only having this problem on one of my pages. I am able to get text to update and publish on the home page, but not a sub-page (specifically a photography page with a lot of images on it).

How many is a lot and what size in KB/MB is the average?

I mean it is a photo site. I have over 10 images and they are like 4mb on avg.

There lies the problem. So when you are using the designer you are loading the full image, not a responsive version of it. So a 40MB page load just for images can bring your browser to its knees.

Solution -> Optimize images for the largest reasonable display before uploading them to Webflow. I am a professional photographer so been there.

I got it to save text updates by removing the text and adding a new paragraph and adding the class again.

I will surely optimize the images. thanks for all the help and suggestions.

@webdev Any suggestion for a tool for optimizing images? Haven’t used one in a while (other than manually doing it in Lightroom or Photoshop).

https://tinypng.com is awesome! I’ve even found that it can further optimize images 40-60% more than even optimizing in photoshop without destroying any quality.

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Lightroom works fine. Just set up a custom export. You should be able to get image sizes down to 400-500k without much effort while still looking great. Start with max-width to be the largest you need in your layout. Set your format to jpeg, and compression to 70-80% depending on the image. Personally I use Lemke Software’s GraphicConverter (mac only) which also has an integration with ImageOptim. It is my Swiss army image toolkit with phenomenal batch processing abilities. You get get a copy (shareware) at lemkesoft.com

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