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[Editor account] Click a button instead of editing

I have 3 hidden divs that the editors can’t edit their content because they can’t trigger the button/event that show those hidden elements (using a basic jQuery fadeIn() function). When they click on the buttons they can edit the buttons (text + link), but they can’t click to reveal the hidden content.

What is the best way to solve this problem?

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I’m just taking a stab at a solution here since I can’t see the specific example, but you should be able to make this hidden content a Symbol and then include the Symbols within a separate (unpublished) page that Collaborators can navigate to and edit.

Since Symbols share content in multiple places, an edit on this page should update the symbol used within the hidden element.

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Thank you for your reply, Mike.

Your idea is really great! I’ll wait to see if the guys from Workflow have a solution that doesn’t require moving all the content to symbols. If not, I’ll follow your idea.

I’m trying your idea but I can’t find where to edit a symbol using an editor account.

By default the ability to edit Symbols is not active (a somewhat recent change from Webflow) as it could cause collaborators to change something in one place and unknowingly edit it in many other places.

Thankfully you have full control over which elements can or cannot be changed within the Editor, so just make sure that anything contained within that symbol has the “Collaborators can edit this element” setting checked in the Element Settings panel:


Once you update that setting, the elements inside will react just like any other element that can be changed—with updates made across all instances of that Symbol :v:

Edit: As a side note, this functionality of including a page with Symbol elements for clients to edit is super useful for all types of situations. Say you have a couple different CTA blocks that appear at the end of specific blog posts based on a toggle in the collection. Instead of needing to figure out which of your blog posts contains a specific CTA, you could have the Symbols included under a “CTA Block” section of the client Symbol page and allow them to update all instances in one place.

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