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Cannot edit text because of hidden div

I am having some trouble due to a hidden div that gets selected when I click to edit other things on my page. I can use the navigator to select and edit most things, but this does not allow me to double click to edit text. Am I missing something or doing something incorrectly? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you provide a public link to test this?

I have one design which is so complicate that some text blocks are hardly editable. As a workaround, I transformed these two elements to Symbols, then created a page named Dashboard where I placed the symbols. From there, I can edit the text in it and the changes obviously propagate to the designed page. I also use this technique to gather on one page some symbols that are spread all over a website and that need frequent updates. It’s also a safer method of editing for collaborators who aren’t very skilled at Webflow, when you have an Organization plan.

Thanks for the reply, that is a great idea for the symbols on a page for collaborators.

I have resolved my issue with some help from a colleague. In my case I was able to solve this by making sure my hidden divs had parent containers with a height of 0px and overflow hidden.

In that case wouldn’t a display:none be simpler?