Symbols don't work anymore

I find ever since Webflow made the change that you can edit symbols independently of the actual symbol now they are absolutely useless.

I have to manually go in an change links to symbols now on each page. I’m not sure why it’s like this now. It was perfect before and Webflow completely destroyed how symbols work. Anyone else have this issue?

This is super annoying. How do we use symbols the way it used to be now? Is there a trick to it? If this doesn’t work anymore then I"m leaving Webflow. As it is now it’s unusable and I’m so disappointed

I found the recent changes to Symbols hugely beneficial, although I admit that they need to expand on that a bit more. They’ve touched on what’s coming when Symbols turn into “Components” but I haven’t heard any updates on this front for maybe a year or so.

Can you explain a bit more about what your expecting and what issues you’re running into? There is a bit of a learning curve compared to traditional Symbols but, in my opinion, they’ve only gotten more powerful.

Jason, you might be missing this, but when you edit a symbol, in the top right corner is “Edit Master”. This edits the base symbol, the way you’re familiar with.

The new design was a bit weird to get my head around, but it’s honestly fantastic.