"get text from" pulling from wrong item in collection

I am trying to add more services boxes. I finally found the Collection where I can edit text (I will never understand why WebFlow can’t just link you to the place it’s pulling random stuff from directly) and have updated all the services. I copied the Services Wrap and the box is there but there’s no option to tell it, "hey, stop pulling from #3 and pull from #4, #5, #6. I’ve checked the settings tab and style.

Where and how do I tell it that this isn’t #3 even though I duplicated #3 I actually want you to be #4, 5,6.


But for the Googlers later on. You have to click Collection Item and edit the settings for that.

So what is the answer? You placed a screen shot but I’m still unsure what to do. I am having the same issue. I have duplicated a tab so I can maintain all the styling - everything in the pane that is displayed for that duplicated tab is labelled with purple ‘Category text’ (blog categories) (essentially as you have displayed). But when I go to show more I cannot select the blog post category I require i.e. it is pulling the duplicate content and there is no obvious way to change it. There is so much in Webflow that is not intuative and it really is annoying and time consuming as there are no videos on the specific issues.