How to edit headings & text in a pre-set template

I am having trouble with pre-set text on a template that I purchased. I cannot edit directly from the design screen, nor can I edit from the CMS Collection Pages. I am trying to change the 01 augmented reality, 02 motion & 3d, and 03 app development headings and text. I was able to change the buttons and the rest of the site but not the text in that entire section. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Additionally, I am trying to get the image to not disappear and reappear as you scroll down between sections 01, 02 and 03 as stated above.

The headings & text are managed within the Services CMS collection, so you can update them there.

In the navigator, you’ll see that Service item has an interaction controlling the opacity of the image when scrolling into each service item’s section. Delete the interaction if you want the image to always display.