Paid plan - Publishing website


I would like to change my free account into a paid plan in order to successfully finish my website and add embed code into it.

Since this project does not give me any money, I am asking whether I can cancel the plan after few months and the website still keeps working normally?

Or do I have to pay 16 a month until I want to keep the website going?

Thank you.

Custom code is part of the SITE PLANS. So you only need to pay for hosting, you don’t need an ACCOUNT PLAN, to be able to add custom code. Just a Basic or CMS hosting plan. I guess the custom code stays on the site if you downgrade later (but you’ll lose the hosting too).

So yes, if you pay for hosting (SITE PLAN) you don’t need an ACCOUNT PLAN at all to get all the features.

But I do already have a hosted wordpress which I was aiming to connect with webflow. Is that possible to do then?

Thank you so much for your response.