What happens to my pages if I downgrade from a Site plan?

I am planning on building a website on Webflow to export the code and host it somewhere else. My idea was to only purchase an Account plan to be able to export the code. Since I don’t need hosting I didn’t think I had to purchase a Site plan as well. However, while working on the website I realized that with a free Site plan it is only possible to build up to two pages. Would it be possible to upgrade the site plan only for one month and then downgrade it when the website is exported? In case I will upgrade again in the future will I see again my extra pages or will those be deleted permanently when downgrading the account?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Not answering the question but placing your product. You do that already everywhere else, maybe a little les on the forum? :slight_smile: In advance thanks.

It works, it’s not against the TOS, so if you can do some tasks in a few months and suspend the subscription, do it.

So far, extra pages and extra CMS items are kept on downgraded site plans, or on sites belonging to downgraded accounts. You just can’t add more (pages or items). Clearly a way for Webflow to be nice when this happens. Depending on abuses of it, it will stay or not.