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Remove "Made in Webflow"-badge with Lite plan?

I might be a little confused here, but I used to be able to remove the “Made in Webflow”-badge on my projects with a Lite subscription plan when exporting to html.

Has the plans changed recently, so it’s not possible anymore?

Found this article, but it isn’t new is it?

IMO, removing the Webflow-badge should be possible even on a Lite plan which is 24 dollars monthly.

Removing the badge has been listed as “Pro plan only” for a while. I can’t recall if it changed or was like this since the beginning.

Edit: I checked and that’s been the case since at least the end of 2016.

Hi @larshartmann. The Webflow badge is removed with the lite plan when exporting.

The Pro plan is needed when you are hosting the project in Webflow under the domain and want to remove the badge.

Can you help to share the read only link to your site, or if you do not want to share that publicly, you can also contact us at and we can help to take a look at that further.

Thanks a lot for your answers guys.

I tried exporting the html and uploaded, which made the badge magically disappear. This is great, as this was what I was going for.

So, to sum up: What I learned is, that…
… when exporting html, the badge is not visible.
… If hosting on the domain and on a custom domain through Webflow, the badge will be shown, when using a Lite Plan.

Confusion aborted! :slight_smile:

Not exactly. When hosting on a Webflow with your domain name badge can be disabled, it is not dependant on your Webflow plan.

Ah, okay. Thanks for clearing that up, dram.