Edit style in a Dynamic Rich Text

Hi people from Webflow!

I try to follow this article but It’s not work.

As you can see in this page, some paragraphsare not aligning on the left.

The difference of this to the article above, is that my rich text is a Dynamic element, that load content from Webflow CMS. I try to find the “Global Selector” but it’s not appear to me, take a look in this print screen:

And here a print of the style “descricao_vaga” that apply style for this block:

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/rekrutame?preview=849b3902d31a1d78632684834c05e77c

Hope you could help me.
Thanks a lot.


You can style RTE but not when they’re linked to a Collection.

Simply drage a new RTE above yours, give it the same class as your dynamic RTE, don’t link it to a collection, create the sub elements you need, style them as the guide tells you, and your dynamic content RTE will style along.

For example select a p element in the RTE, go select the “Style all p” in the dropdown where the class names is, click just under on the name of your RTE class that just appear, to limit the effect of the styling to the p in a RTE of that name.

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Hi Vincent!
Thanks! Now it’s working.


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