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Edit Padding or Margins

Anyone having any issues when trying to access to the padding shortcut options after clicking on padding? They do not show up and I get press ESC to show cursor? Never had this issue before


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I’m having the same issue. I’m hoping it’s a bug, but I’m afraid that this is going to be a “new feature”. If so, it’s a crappy one and I hate it. You also can’t click on it to directly edit it with your keyboard

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Hi everyone. Which browser and device are you two using?

I’m running into the same issue — using Chrome (latest build) and a Lenovo Thinkpad.

Hi everyone. Looks like it’s a bug due to a change we pushed out this morning. We have an engineer on it and we’re aiming to ship a fix within the next few hours. Thank you for being patient with us!


Linda, is it not part of an ongoing update to the drag functionality? I thought the issues are temporary hiccups until the team finish (though why it was rolled out in a buggy state I don’t know). Having issues in chrome in win.

Edit: oops, just noticed your second post!

I’m on the latest build of Chrome, on a Macbook Pro


Bad times :cry:

Yes! Just started experiencing this bug now! Very frustrating, watching this thread for a fix!

Hey everyone,

Up until today, I have not had any Issues on chrome with any of the spacing options the menus that pop up in which you can input custom values and or select 0-100 no longer show up. Furthermore, suddenly the Alt+Click does not reset the settings any longer.

I’m starting to think I have a wrong setting somewhere since its the same across my macbook and Windows PC.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hi @Leon_Oswald

Our team is aware of the issue and we’re currently investigating — hoping to have a fix in the next few hours. I’ve merged your post with this existing thread.

Thanks for your patience :bowing_man:

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Glad I’m not the only one, I thought it might be due to me using laptop touch pad and not a mouse.

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Hi, everyone! :wave:

Thank you all so much for your patience. The fix should now be available. :+1:

Feel free to refresh your project while in the Designer, and you should now be able to update your margin/padding settings as expected.

If not, please let us know :bowing_man:


Still not working, same error message upon clicking a margin or padding when attempting to adjust.

Please check into this.

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Hi, @cgrantdev!

You’re absolutely correct. I jumped the gun as the PR has just passed.

The fix should be available within the next hour :bowing_man:

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Alrighty-dighty - sorry for jumping the gun.

The fix is now available in production:


I’m still having this issue. I have logged out / back in, restarted my browser and cleared my cache.

Is it just me, or does the click & drag functionality for the padding/margin tool now feel different?

To me it now feels trickier and imprecise, plus the cursor seems to disappear now :thinking:

Nope, not just you :slight_smile:
It’s probably because of the webflow team working on the drag functionnality…

In the meantime it makes it terrible to use the ALT and SHIFT to apply margins and paddings :cry:
Let’s hope for a fix soon!

OMG, will you get this bug fixed, it is driving me nuts, I am losing so much time because the interface keeps freezing!

I have client deadlines to meet and I am dreading the increased workload from having to manually type in individual paddings/margins.

Plus what does that mean… The fix is now available in production:
Totally nonsensical, is it available or in production?

The bug is bad enough, having incorrect announcements is not helping.

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