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Anybody else having issues when dragging to change paddings or margins?

For me it’s like theres some kind of mouse accelleration issue, i’ve never had this issue before until the “Press ESC to show your cursor” started showing up. When i start dragging very slowly, nothing happens at all but when i go a little faster it goes way over what i was intending to do. I’ts not just this computer as it happens on my home computer too and it’s super annoying.


Same here. Looks like a conflict.


I’m having this problem as well. Started a few days ago.

Same here.

Chrome 73.0.3683.103 on Mac.

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We’re having this issue aswel! Hope it gets fixed soon (not webflow soon™) :sob:


Same. Also had a couple of other issues over the last 2 days. Any news Webflow?

Yep, mouse sensitivity issue is definitely here. Never had problems before but after recent change in dragging behaviour this started to be an issue. Slow mouse movement - no change at all, faster mouse movement - and I am way off of the intended change.

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Hello :wave:

Thanks for reporting the issue, we’re aware there are some issues with the drag. This seems to have been introduced when we pushed a small enhancement which locks the mouse pointer in place, so that you can drag without the edge of the screen impeding you.

I’ve reported this to the engineering team, and we will keep you posted once this is fixed.

~ As far as I can tell, this only exists when you drag from the actual label on the padding/margin handle. If you drag from the handle itself, I don’t think it happens. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that though. ~

EDIT: I’ve corrected myself here, that’s not the case.

Thank you for reporting this and for your patience :bowing_man:


I’ve had the same thing happen, glad to see it’s already being worked on :slight_smile:

Just found this thread as I thought something felt wrong with the interface. Its almost impossible to drag the padding to your desired width without shooting past. Also the ability to tap the slider to increase by 1pt has vanished.

Glad its not just me.

Hi everyone :wave:

A small fix has been pushed that makes this a little better.

You should now find that the on dragging the margin, padding or position handles, the values update a lot slower which makes it a little easier to get to your intended value.

It’s still a little buggy so we do appreciate your patience while we continue to look into it and make it smoother.

If you’re still having issues, please do let us know here. This issue only exists in Chrome as far as we know.

@RugbyWebDesign the one click feature to add pixels was removed in a previous update. :grimacing:

Thank you again for your patience :webflow_heart:


Same problem.

Chrome 73.0.3683.103
Macbook Pro Retina 15"
MacOS 10.14.4 (18E226)

Wait, why was the single-click to add a pixel to margin/padding removed? I thought this was a bug lol. That was a very useful feature to nudge elements.

Just a guess but maybe it caused too many unnoticed misclicks — I caught myself clicking inadvertently a few times when I wanted to grab a handle. Though I don’t remember anyone with this problem here on forums.

I had this problem with the new margin/padding ui too. Funny thing is this problem didn’t exist in the old style panel since the margin/padding values were separate from the drag handles. All was well. Then the new ui introduced many bugs. I would rather have the old margin/padding ui just shortened height to match the new ui, then you get the best of both worlds. I even made a mockup to show it was possible:

My modified ui even has the same height as the new ui. Best of both worlds. Please do this :pray:


I agree that combining handles and input fields made this part of the ui prone to misclicks. I modified the paddings for the input zone to be 4px instead of 2 and it is instantly way easier to use, dunno why it isn’t done this way.

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Same issue here. Since more than a week.
Hope this will be fixed soon.

Mac OS 10.14.1
Chrome 73.0.3683.103

Oh… i always check the forum too late… have been so annoyed with this the last week… :laughing:

I feel that this issue started for me after a chrome update to version: 74.0.3729.108 (Official build) (64-bits).

Maybe it has nothing to do with it… but just in case.

(oh and I agree that the new design of the margin/padding element was tricky to get used to. There are more mis-clicks then with the old version.)

Still experiencing significant bugginess in Chrome.

I’m with Ali on this one, much prefer the previous version. The centering was straightforward, the new version is far less intuitive and requires me to think, never a good idea!