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Webflow leaving marks

It leaves a bunch of stuff like that that impedes vision and correct work.

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I have the same problem. Started happening yesterday. The distance markers stay on the screen and don’t go away until you enter preview mode and exit preview mode.



Hi @Oscar_A_Montiel
This is definitely weird, and thanks for reaching out about it.

So we can help identify the issue, could you provide a little more info please?

Can you reproduce the steps to get this behaviour or possible record a screencast to show how you got this state?

It seems it’s the body padding UI that is being shown.

I simply use the paddings or margins.


I’m seeing the same thing.
I created a new page and this is what the screen looked like before i even added an element. (margin indicator at the bottom center of the screen)

I have the same issue. When I use the padding and margin settings the green line is keep staying there. It only disappear if I going to the preview mode.

Same issues here, have been experiencing this for the past few days. Also makes the designer slow. It definitely relates to the padding/margin box within the designer! I’ve tested using the latest Chrome (Version 74.0.3729.108 (Official Build) 64-bit) and also the developer edition with the same issues.

This seems to be a Chrome related issue,
on safari it seems ok…


Same for the padding & margin control problem.


since a few days i have been this problem:
If i changing the spacing from items, the visual help line is keeping visible all the time.
That is confusing cause it is displayed all the time. Only to reload the whole page in the browser is helping.

i am using chrome, latest version, windows 10 and surface book.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Been having the same issue on chrome latest version, iMac. Clicking in and out of preview also resets the visual help lines which is a bit quicker than reloading the designer.

Not enjoyed working with Webflow this week at all. This line hovering over the content is mildly annoying. The buggy padding slider issue has not improved at all, despite a message saying it had.

I appreciate updates have rolled-out, but surely these bugs and errors should be picked-up in Beta? After all, Webflow prefers we work in Chrome and these bugs are happening in Chrome.

@FromMuc @Toby_Balderson @RugbyWebDesign

Thanks for letting us know and sorry to hear about the trouble.

If i changing the spacing from items, the visual help line is keeping visible all the time.

I’m not able to reproduce this margin error on my end. If you are still seeing this erroneous behavior on your end, can you send me a screen recording of what you see? CloudApp or Quicktime work well for this.


Hey @Brando Has there just been an update?

After installing CloadApp to record a screen grab to show you, the erroneous margin line marks have gone and the sticky padding sliders are behaving normally again.

Happy days :slight_smile:

Hi @RugbyWebDesign

Our engineers have been working to resolve the issues associated with Margin and Padding since we discovered them and we’ve pushed a few updates. I’m thinking one of these updates resolved the issue, but we’re monitoring this closely to be sure.

Thanks for your help and patience! :bowing_man:

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There seems to be a new feature in which on-screen notations are appearing within the Designer. These are visually obstructing what I need to see and highly undesirable. How can these be turned off?Capture

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Looks like many people are having this problem:

It’s been happening for a few days for me.

I think it’s a bug to be honest. Any news on when this will be fixed guys?




Apologies for that message, I had testing the margin/padding update locally and it was working. I clearly posted the fix update too hastily. (It was annoying me too and excited the fix was here!) and took longer to hit the live sites than I thought.

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I just came across this issue today. Both times it has occurred for me today was when adding padding / margin. Refreshing the designer makes them go away but it is pretty annoying. I am using chrome as well. Hopefully a fix is being pushed soon.

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I’m having the same issue. Macbook Pro, latest version of Chrome. It’s not hindering performance at all, or at least from what I’ve seen. But it is annoying and it would be great to see it fixed