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Ecommerce request quote - how have you done this?

Hello. One of our clients would like visitors to their site be able to request a quote after browsing their site’s products and adding them to a cart. As Webflow’s Ecommerce toolset doesn’t do this, what solutions have people used to achieve this? Has anybody successfully used the Foxy approach that has been mentioned in this forum? Or any other method that has worked well?

I thought maybe use we could the Ecommerce tool, price everything as $0.0 but this seems hacky and probably not a great user experience.

The key factor is that the user needs to be able to add multiple items to a cart (or form) and send to the client.


Hey @grantsenior :wave:!

I would checkout Finsweet’s 44 - Use select to create a pricing calculator on a Webflow form to see if that helps.

I would stay away from Webflow ecommerce if a “request a quote” form is all you want to acheive (because you will be paying extra for, like you said, a hacky experience!)

Hi @grantsenior.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is 100% possible with Foxy + Webflow CMS. It’s a super simple setup and we’re happy to walk you through it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out: