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Ecommerce recommended products

Hey guys…

Is there a way you can recommend products to customers either when they add an item to their basket or go through checkout? Very similar to Amazon. You may be interested in item A or B.

I assume this requires some type of algorithm.

Thanks Webflow!

You can add a collection of products to your checkout page.


I posted this the other day, it might help you also.

My suggestion for achieving this would be to simply add another CMS collection at the bottom of your products page. You can then change sort options and filters to achieve ‘related’ products. You will need to use a filter that takes from the category reference. (Pic at bottom)

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You’ll have to play with it yourself and check your CMS structure, but that should do the job!
Let me know if not.





In the newest version with live Ecommerce, the Contains filter no longer lists Categories of Current Product in the dropdown. Any workaround?

Hey @lukepmsi,

Are you definitely on the E commerce Category Template?

The filter will only appear on this page

Hi there.

I’m definitely in the Ecommerce Products template and still do not see a “categories of current product” in the dropdown. I added an extra field named “Main Category” and can filter using that; however, I’d have to select the main category by hand in over 100 items. Maybe something else I’m doing wrong?

I’m having the same issue. Can’t figure out how to make a category filter associated to the current product (it’s a ecommerce template page, so I can’t pick a definite category). Any progress on this?

I just realized that the category filter “same as current” does work in the category template, while in the product template the only option is to choose from the categories saved.

This may have to do with the way I set up the product collection?

What I did was assign categories to each product. My hope was that each product page (from templates) would allow me to showcase other products in that category. Did I get it wrong?

Hey @lukepmsi,

Can you share your read-only link so I can see the set up?

Also to confirm, in your product settings you’ve got a reference field for the category? And then you’ve added the required categories (eg books) before applying them to your products under this category? You will have to assign a category to all your products yes, but you can export the CSV and add these on google sheets / excel before reuploading might be faster.

@diegokolsky the above is filtering on a product page template. Just check you have a reference set up for it. You can set up product / category pages by using a similar approach. Fitler by category. Category Equals XYZ

Share your read-only also and Ill take a look

Try adding collection of desired products to the checkout page.I guess it should help recommending products to the customers.

Thank you @Thomas_92
Here’s the link:

I’m calling collections ‘studios’ in my case, but otherwise same thing.

You’ll see that the option to use “Same as current” works in the “Studios” template, but not in product (even though the cross ref was set up in the collection entries).

Im probably getting something wrong but can’t figure it out…

Any tips would be v helpful!

Hey mate,

I was able to filter that collection by category, using the following:

Is this not what you’re after? In terms of creating recommended products based on a category of products?

Sorry If I’m missing something, just let me know


Hi Thomas,

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

The issue is that I would need to choose each studio manually on each product page generated, then?

This is what I’m trying to do: The site will have studio pages (designer pages, the categories), each with multiple products from that vendor; and product pages showcasing/selling each individual product. On the latter, I want to offer other products from that designer as well. On the template there’s also a ‘new and noted’ section with latest products, but that is working well.

In the “More from Trest Tigres” section, if I use the filter to load more products from their specific category, then only that designer’s products would load for every product page generated through CMS, right?

What I’m hoping to do is use the ‘current product’ filter to filter the additional products belonging to the cross-referenced designer. Maybe the issue is that it’s in a new section, and not in the same collection list as the product showcased on the page?

I hope that is clearer.

Thanks so much for the help!!

I’m trying to do something similar on an e-commerce site and I’m having difficulty figuring it out. Can you help point me in the right direction?

:wave: Hey everyone!

I’m working on Flow Phantom, an upsell and cross sell integration that is post purchase, one-click, and based on the items in the shopper’s cart!

@STUDIO_LDN it allows you to recommend products to customers when they checkout. You design the look and feel of recommendation in Webflow, but you define the logic of the recommendation in the Flow Phantom dashboard.

Checkout Flow Phantom to see a demo, and if interested, I’m currently accepting applicants for the Alpha. Apply on the Flow Phantom form at the bottom of the page.