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How to make a related products section?

I’m testing out the new ecommerce feature. I’m not sure how to do a related products widget however. Is there a specific way to do this, a widget? Or do I have to do it the long way? I’m not even sure how to since the products is in it’s own CMS.

Hi @eliapingvinen,

My suggestion for achieving this would be to simply add another CMS collection at the bottom of your products page. You can then change sort options and filters to achieve ‘related’ products. You will need to use a filter that takes from the category reference. (Pic at bottom)


You’ll have to play with it yourself and check your CMS structure, but that should do the job!
Let me know if not.



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Thanks! I can’t see the “Categories of Current Product”, any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

If I have multiple categories for a product would it be possible to have multiple “Related products” widgets and each of them list a separate category?

@eliapingvinen take a look at this. Is ot something sinilair you are trying to do?

Ecommerce Testing site (CMS menu system)

Hittar inget som verkar röra relaterade produkter, men lycka till med sidan!

Det är en lab sida. Urval i menyn använder selections med urval som tex.
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Visa alla kategorier och länka vidare med vald kategori
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This is for others reading this. This does not work for the default ecommerce category product multi ref field. You need to add your own single reference to the categories (using up one of your precious reference field allowances :money_mouth_face:. Then the filter for the current item will come up.