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Got a question, hopefully someone is able to point me in the right direction.

Filters - Is there a way to have more than one category page on webflow ecommerce? For example we have lots of different types of items on a site. What will work as filters for one category will not work for others. For example on ‘boots’ we will want sizes that correspond to shoe sizes then on clothes have sizes that correspond to clothing sizes. I’m looking at mixitup and I can’t tell if it’s possible to do something like this? Basically we need advanced filtering which changes based on the category you select. Seems a bit silly to have like 20 different option on a filter just to cater for categories which aren’t being shown at the time.

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Here is my site

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Got a similar Q to this, how can you create a filter like this one shown on the picture? I guess I need to buy an additional add-on or the like. But which one will help building a filter like this?