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Ecommerce - Products without Price & Orders without Shipping or Payment

Hey there,
my Shop should be able to…

  1. …have products without a price
  2. …take orders without shipping the products

Is this actually possible with Webflow?

Thanks in advance


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Hey @mltkrwld :wave:

Could you describe more specifically the kind of workflow you need?

On a site of mine, the client wanted some custom products that don’t show a price, but instead have a form that allows the customers to make an enquiry about that product. This is possible by adding a toggle in the data manager.

take orders without shipping the products

Do you still need the checkout process here? If there is no price, and no need for payment details, then straightforward CMS would work here, perhaps?

Did you find the solution to this issue?

Hey there,
unfortunately i couldn`t find a solution. Still looking for a workaround…
Next I wanted to try out the new Jetboost Wishlist Feature:

Hi @mltkrwld, @Shreeparna_Chowdhury ! Great news! We’ve recently released the Free Orders option. With this option you can set the product price to 0.00 and the user will be able to checkout the product without entering payment information.

If you’d like the product to not require shipping you can disable the shipping option for the product as well. More information on non-shippable products can be found here:

Keep in mind that to enable this feature an Ecommerce site plan and payment gateway will need to be added to the project to enable checkout.

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Hey John, that is great news. Thanks for letting me know. Have an A 1 Day :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi @johnramos and @mltkrwld how do I add the Free Orders option to one of my products? I have two paid products and one for free, but the at the check out page it says “The order minimum was not met. Add more items to your cart to continue.” Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi @tobialbrecht89! You should only have to set the product to a price of 0.00. Are you using PayPal or Stripe at checkout? Currently Free Orders only works with Stripe.

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Hi John, I have an error coming through on any free order not allowing users to place orders.

Can you help?

Price is set to $0. Shipping is disabled.

I have the same problem.
Price is set to $0. Shipping is disabled but unable to checkout.

Could u help us anyone?

hi ineed help pleas how i can fix this

only works with Stripe

Hey there @magicmark,

could you please share more information on that workflow?

My current customer wants a company website with a product showcase (and also have specific product pages that only show information without the functionality of adding it to a cart and checkout, but rather send an e-mail inquiry).

Is this possible, and if so how?

Welcome @desperad0s

You can see this project live here.

and here’s the read only link so you can see how it’s done. Take what you need, there’s nothing sensitive there.