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Can i create an e-commerce website without a checkout

hello everyone , i am creating an e-commerce website for a client . as online payement (with stripe and paypal ) is unavailable in my country , i can only use payement after shipping , can i still opt for an e commerce plan without using the webflow checkout ? and instead create my own ? , thank you for answering

Hi @mohamed_achich,

There is different ways to do what you are looking to do all varying in complexity, but to help myself and anyone else who may have input or ideas can you explain more about the website and ecommerce needs? Is this a situation where someone would only buy one product at a time or several?

hi @Andrew_Coderre , first of all thank you for having responded in a short time, in my case the client has a clothing brand and he wants me to design an e-commerce site for his brand, answering your question:
preferably the customer can order several products

the reason why i still want to stick with the ecommerce plan is because i want to take advantage of the ‘product variants’ option in the e-commerce cms ,
so do you know a sollution where i can have a e commerce plan without the online payement methods ? thank you

I would recommend checking out Snipcart. They allow you to use the Webflow CMS to create products, and have several payment gateways including allowing deferred payments. There are some sacrifices in terms of functionality and you wont get the exact same product variant customization in Webflow but it is still pretty good. Also @PixelGeek has a great walkthrough on adding it to your website.

Check that tutorial out here.

thanks for the help @Andrew_Coderre , i will try to publish my website with a custom checkout & without using the checkout or cart from webflow , if this didn’t work i will opt for your sollution