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Dear People

Does someone know how to use plasso embed in webflow?

Regards Jayden

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Hi @Juydhen, here’s how to ask an answerable question in the Code Help category. Without a link to your site or the plugin you are mentioning, your question is unclear.

payolee offers the same embed payment form try them they are simple to use and have phone and email support

Oke I try to explain better. With Plasso you can make a buy now button and to do that you need to add code in your custom code but that doesnt work does someone succeed to use plasso? I talked a lot wiith plasso and they didnt know themselve

Regards Jayden

And Btw Payolee is not free and i want the free ones.

How does it not work? What is the actual code you needed to insert? Where did you insert the code? Do you have an example of it not working?

I don’t think Plasso has a ‘dynamic’ embed option.
The buttons support popup links of sort. This option (stated by Plasso, doesn’t work with Membership sites).

If you are using these buttons as one-time purchase buttons you’ll have to:

  • Create the site normally, and give the buttons the class and ID 'plo-button"
  • Add code to your site before the /body tag

Then you just give your button the link to reference that you give them normally and it will function as a popup versus a link to.

Plasso help:

Here are some screenshots:

Above is the class name,

Note the ID is also the same as the class (this isn’t 100% necessary but I did it), and the link as usual.

And here’s the final nice little popup!

Alternatively I think you should be able to use the CMS to get the same solution. Let me know what you think.

Also depending on what you are looking for I’d say checkout SnipCart, they have great support

Wow thanks youre great! Thanks for your answer!And btw snipcart is not free :frowning: (you need to pay 10€ if you are under a certain amount)

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If your current setup doesn’t work out, please take a moment to check out Foxy: We don’t have a free plan, but our simple pricing includes all of our features, quick and friendly support, and seamless integration with Webflow’s Designer and CMS. Not to mention free white-glove onboarding for Webflow users.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.



This Message has been removed - Thread reply included features and integration details relating to old or expired products.

I’m still confused. You have too many ways to set up Plasso. What’s the different between these three articles:

Can you just consolidate it into one article on how to set up Plasso with Webflow?

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Hey @cjroe,

Our apologies for the confusion! It seems that one of these articles: ( has depreciated and the Billing product is no longer available - I’ll be sure to mark this article has hidden. The other 2 articles cover different ways to access your space on Plasso:

Every Storefront space you create on Plasso has a Hosted page(s) and can be visited by going to your Plasso space URL (ex: There are several ways your customers can purchase your products/plans using Plasso:

  1. Through your Hosted page on Plasso

  2. By embedding your Storefront into your website using our prebuilt UI’s:
    a) Ecommerce Cart - For multiple products/plans purchase workflows.
    b) Pop-Up Modal - For Single Product/Plan purchase workflows.

  3. Building your own Checkout process by using Flexkit. With Flexkit, you design your own payment forms or ecommerce Cart. Flexkit handles all payment validation and user authentication using a series of Custom Attributes. Here’s a demo of Flexkit in Webflow.

Flexkit is just another way to access an existing Storefront Space on Plasso.

Let us know if you’re still needing some help!


Thanks for the the feedback! I’m actually really impressed with that video! It’s great!

One other question about on-boarding…

Once a customer purchases a product on my website with Flexkit for example, how would I give them private access to their content (while still staying on my domain?) Can I add authentication on specific pages of my site to show content when they are logged in?

For example, adding a div with a specific class and Plasso would only drop in the space content if they were authenticated.

Let me know.

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Hey @cjroe,

There are a few users here in the community like @Hyperpixels and @aaronocampo that have custom javascript in their projects to listen for Plasso events (like logging in and checking for our token) when using Flexkit. From what I’ve seen, the visibility is dependent on class names given to the div wrappers (as you mentioned).

Either of these Plasso all-stars could point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

The Flexkit Video (similar to the Storefront video above) is being edited now and should be up on the site by next week :crossed_fingers:.

If you need anything at all or have questions about customizing the ecommerce experience for your customers using Plasso, let us know and we’d be happy to assist through your share-link, skype, or call.

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Cool! Thanks for the help! :smile:

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Hey @cjroe,

Looks like Drew was able to get out the new explainer video for Flexkit. Here it is:

Okay, thanks. The only issue I see is that there’s not a clear explanation on how users can navigate to private content (on the site) when they are logged in.

For example, if I wanted to sign up a users, accept their credit card, and route them to a private members page showing them their private content… how would I do that with Plasso/Flexkit?

I have course content that I want to store in Plasso and only show it to paid members. The main problem I see is with server-side rendering. I would need to use Webflow’s database in order to show user-specific routes. The thing I am wondering is is there a way to bind one route to the entire application’s datastore and build additional permalinks using pushstate off of that route?

So /u would be rendered from the server and redirect to the pushstate /u/username similar to how Discourse does it…?

This would possibly fail if I went to /u/username directly though… right?

I would need to set up some sort of server file within Webflow to redirect all routes that have /u in it. That way you could render specific pages based on the Javascript instead of the server. They would all point back to the initial /u web app and push state on the stack to go to the right URL as the page loads.

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The other way to do this @paywithplasso is if I could set up a sub-domain and host my storefront with Plasso. Is that a possibility? For example, when someone buys my course on my website with the pop up, I could redirect them to the signed in dashboard at my sub-domain? (Ex. ?

Any time they want to “log in” they can go from (Click Login) => which prompts them to log into their account?