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User Authentication & Membership Account Settings using Plasso on Webflow

Hey Webflow community! I’m helping the team here at Plasso with integrating their Flexkit product into my Webflow project. My sharelink is

I have implemented a Member Login section to my pricing page and was wondering if there was a better way to hide/mask/or “secure” my backend member dashboard since Webflow doesn’t allow access to their server-side code-base. The flexkit developer docs outline the implementation of flexkit and the support article for Webflow specific integration is helpful but without the backend client, I can’t seem to offer any added security to my member dashboard. Currently, if a new user goes to my site “dashboard” with out logging in, they see this. When a user goes to my login page and enters their login credentials, Flexkit finds and populates the Member data into the text fields. Seems a bit hoaky but I was wondering if any of you knew a work around until we develop a better solution…



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