Plasso HTML embed does not work with Collection Items

I chose Plasso for my client because of their awesome pricing for small businesses.

I followed these instructions and copied the HTML embed from the cloneable Plasso Webflow site. Set up the Space and Products in Plasso etc.

First, here’s my Public Share Link

If you check (I added a couple test products) you can see the problem: Clicking on the “Add to cart” button does not add the item to the cart. If I put the link from the HTML embed (direct link to a product) to a normal button, it adds the product to the cart successfully. This made me think that something with the embed code does not work properly.
I need this to work with collection items. It would also be awesome if I could get this snippet to work, otherwise my client has to copy the whole URL to every product to a collection which is tedious.

Maybe @paywithplasso can help me out with this. Thanks in advance!

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Never mind, I accidentally put a space before every Product ID in the Collection… smashes head on desk