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Booking manager to embed?

Hello, I’m looking for a simple booking system for a tourism company to take bookings and payment.
I’ve had a brief look around but there’s so much out there that it’s pretty overwhelming.
My primary goal is to have something that is easily embedded into an exported Weblow designed website.
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Something like this?

Thanks Samliew, looks good.
Will have to run through with client to be sure, but a good strting point.

Hey @Freya :wave:

We have a handful of Tourism Company’s using Plasso and you may find it’s one of the most simplest to create and embed into your webflow project. l quickly created this mock-up of what the pop-up modal would look like on your site:

Embedding our Storefront (one-time payments) or Billing product (for recurring payments) is as easy as dropping in our script tag and giving your Book Now button a class of “plo-button”. Check out the UI for the non-embedded version of this mock-up as well here:

We have a $0/plan if you wanted to hop in and start creating your payment masterpieces :call_me_hand:.

Let me now if you have any questions,


@paywithplasso That’s a very nice UI :ok_hand:

Please stick around the forum to help users with questions regarding booking and subscription integration.

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