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Webflow e-commerce observations, frustrations and workarounds

Some observations and frustrations with using Webflow for my e-commerce side project.

The inability to add the quantity field to the list of sortable fields in the products list is very frustrating. Having to look at each items detail page instead of being able to see inventory on the list view is maddening.

On collection items you can’t sort the list by price, seems simple but the field is just not there to sort by. I’ve had to resort to using some custom code to do it.

Exporting the products list to a CSV doesn’t export any custom fields that are reference or multi-reference fields.

Variants can only be presented with a generic select box, would like to see options that you can style however you want.

Shipping is too generic, and doesn’t work for local delivery stores. We’ve hacked around this using some custom code.

The default billing address in the checkout is always United States even though my entire site is Canada only. Hacked around this one too with custom code.

Would be nice to have some custom fields in the checkout page, like phone number or the option to give as a gift with a custom greeting. Lots of opportunities here, will probably wire in some custom code here too.

User accounts of course. Can’t track cart abandonment without it as there is no way, that I’ve found, to capture a users email address prior to checkout.

The site is if you’re curious.

This is just a rant, no replies necessary.

Actually you can add additional fields to the checkout page. And turns out add exactly the ones I need, phone, notes and the gift option. Yay.

Feature has been sitting there for an entire year.

Hey @daytonp – your concerns are valid.
But, regarding Abandoned Cart Recovery, we have an app built specifically for Webflow shops that’s currently in Free Beta. Would love to send you an invite and get you on it.
Holler at me if you’re interested and I can help you get set up – only takes a couple minutes.