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Ecommerce line item support for Zapier!

I have tried a million ways to separate the data within the “purchased items” variable. The quantity, SKUs, product names, and more are stuck in here:

I am trying to use Zapier Formatter to pull out the data, but they aren’t comma-separated, and they aren’t divided into bundles of similar data… it’s all lumped together.

I found how to do it using Integromat (via the iterator), but I do not want to connect shipstation, I want to connect directly to SHIPBOB.

The problem is that Shipbob does not integrate with Integromat, so I am trying to force Zapier to do it.

Any help would be awesome!!


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Hey @Braden_Mosley – I’m trying to separate the data within the “purchased items” variable from Webflow Ecommerce into Xero. I have tried using Zapier but it doesn’t seem possible.

Could you please share how you used the Integromat iterator to separate the data within the “purchased items” variable?