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Webflow > Zapier > ShipStation Address Issue

I am trying to connect my Webflow store with ShipStation through Zapier to automate shipping label creation and fulfillment.

While creating the Zap, ShipStation wants shipping address information in separate data fields (line1, postalCode, state, etc…) but the data coming out of Webflow lumps all address information (billing and shipping) into a single field called "All Addresses”.

Wishlist: Make Webflow and ShipStation work through Zapier

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Hey @MaxAcc

I’m also working on a ShipStation connection. There is a a way around the address issue but it requires using a webhook to do an api call then around 10 additional steps to do some formatting rules. Not ideal but I can now get all the order details including addresses and item variant info into SS.

There are some other roadblocks that I’m working on documenting and reporting to the team. I will update here when there’s some news.


@MaxAcc Want to help upvote this at ShipStation? Maybe we can get them to implement a direct integration.

:ballot_box_with_check: VOTE!

Want to, but the ShipStation moderator has yet to approve the suggestion :frowning:


I’m having this issue as well. Any update?

In the same boat, were you able to bring in SKU also?

The SKU is not published in webflows api or existing zaps. So you can’t sync items for now.

is this still the case with SKU’s not transferring over?

The variant slug / sku is in the order model now. Webflow CMS API Reference

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