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Using info within Purchased Items ecommerce API string in Zapier?

I’m trying to connect my Webflow ecommerce orders to the ConvertKit Purchases API using Zapier, but I can’t figure out how to break apart the info in the ‘Purchased Items’ string to be useful.

I’m trying to get this info for each product within an order, but the way Webflow sends order info to the API is making this nearly impossible.

I’ve been told I need to use Webhooks and the Zapier Formatter as part of the process, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing with these tools in order to get the information I need.

Has anyone else had success with this and can advise how I can get to a point where the line-items within the ‘Purchased Items’ string are available for me to select as data fields in Zapier?

Hey @charliprangley, welcome to the forums!! Big fan here of your channel, it will be a pleasure to help you out with this.

As you can see here, webflow shows the info for the purchased items inside an array called “purchasedItems”. Ideally, you want to iterate through that array and integrate the information you get to ConvertKit.

Using a no-code tool to perform those simple programming tasks is a pain, and I’m afraid that Zapier isn’t the best no-code option for you in this case. Have you heard of Integromat? It offers a few more tools that are similar to programming languages, which might be able to cover your needs.

Another option for you is to get someone to deploy a cloud function for you. In my opinion, this is the best option since it allows you to do anything you want with the data, at a much lower cost, since GCP ( Google Cloud) or AWS offer very generous free tiers. You would only have to deal with the development time.

Here are a few links from Integromat that might help you out if you want to do things by yourself:

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Thanks for your warm welcome! I’ve been a forum lurker for a while having found answers to many of my questions on here :slight_smile:

Looks like with my sales volume I’d be fine on the free tier of Integromat for a while, but to me it honestly looks like I’d have the same issue as Zapier (maybe even more so since it’s a tool I’m not used to) have you come across any documentation of exactly how to break out that purchasedItems array into separate fields?

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Yes, this forum is great and the great majority of the users in here are amazing people !

So, since I’m a big fan of hand coding those programming tasks, I never really did it using a no-code approach.

It seems like you haven’t found anyone who’s done it before, so as soon as I have the time, I’ll go ahead and try to draft something up for you so you can get a better idea on what the structure should be.

@charliprangley, while I don’t have the time to build the whole thing, can you go ahead and start experimenting on Integromat and get an structure like this?

To edit those steps, just click on the bubble and start settings up things.

Hi Charli and Jean,

Thanks for the conversation and info on this topic.

Curious, Charli have you made progress with this?

I’m having a similar experience working with the purchased items array using Zapier. I’m not using ConvertKit, but am working to manage/track purchased job packages for a user dashboard (Webflow/Memberstack) on a job board.

I’m now looking at Integromat based on Jean’s reco. Thanks for the structure example you provided, Jean! I’ve been testing Zapier’s utilities to see if I can get there on this path but agree it may not be the best approach.

Jean, you suggested hiring someone to deploy a cloud function. Can you recommend a good resource to find someone for this development work?

Thanks for any additional info you can provide.