Ecommerce Event Tracking GA4 in Webflow

Is there an up to date tutorial on how to set up ECommerce event tracking with GA4/Tag Manager and Webflow? The latest from Webflow’s YouTube channel only shows how to set up the most basic data tracking, nothing related to ecommerce events unfortunately. The Webflow University article on how to migrate to GA4 states that ecommerce events will automatically be tracked, but that is not the case for me. It states if you have not set up ecommerce tracking in analytics, you will need to do so, but the article they link for how to set that up is for UA, not the current GA4 guide. If you’ve viewed these articles, you can see that the setup is completely different, so how are we supposed to implement this in Webflow?

I’ve seen a couple of other forum posts on this topic that have been conveniently ignored, can somebody just come out and say whether or not this is possible at this point in Webflow? I’m no rookie, I’ve been using Webflow since 2017, but I’m also no developer (kind of the point of using Webflow in the first place, right?) the fact that the University article links out to a UA article on Ecommerce tracking from Google rather than a current GA4 one is a bit disconcerting. I’d really love to begin tracking these events ASAP, hope someone out there knows more than me in the community.


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Looking into this further… it seems with GA4 ecommerce event tracking Analytics/Tag Manager need to access the data-layer from my site, only I have no idea how I’m supposed to populate the data-layer for a purchase event on the Webflow side. According to the GA4 documentation I’m meant to implement a script on the checkout confirmation page where the order details need to dynamically populate and send to GA4. Problem is, I’m unable to link product data dynamically while on the checkout page, I can only do so from the Products Template collection.