Ecommerce Tracking Impossible? Can't get DataLayers information - GA4 & GTM


I’m trying to set up tracking for my ecommerce store, and I just can’t figure out how to access the datalayer variable (purchase price, products, id…) to pass on to GA4.

I followed this Webflow tutorial : Google Analytics | Webflow University

In this tutorial it said the following information :

If you’ve enabled Ecommerce for your site, Webflow will automatically track Ecommerce-specific events like “viewed product,” “added product to cart,” and “purchased product” after you’ve migrated to Google Analytics 4. Note that you’ll have to enable Ecommerce tracking to receive these events for Google Analytics 4.

Except that what I simulate an order, I can’t see any information at all, there is no dataLayers. It doesn’t work.

Please, can someone help me? I’m on this topic for 3 days now, I search everywhere on the forum and on the internet but I just can’t find anything on this topic.

It must be quite simple tho, this is a basic implementation and Webflow should be able to support this


Here is my site :