Tracking ecommerce purchases via Google Tag Manager possible?

Hey everyone,

i just came across a topic for which i didn’t find any solution on the internet and this forum as well. The question is to how track webflow purchases in Google Analytics, while implemented via Google Tag Manager and custom code. The idea is to have a script send a data layer event with all the details on the order confirmation page. And i have seen this been done in the past, but today its not possible anymore to access the purchase information variables like product name and total amount in a script tag. A simple Google Analytics integration with ecommerce tracking enabled in the project settings will not cut it as well, since we track so much more in Tag Manager. Valuable data that can not be left out. Using both at the same time (Tag Manager and Analytics Integration) should resolve in double session data and is therefore not a good solution either. Has anyone a solution on how to do it? I couldn’t find any official documentation on this either.


Boss, how to data layer enable for the web flow platforms. please give me the idea.

Hey, did you manage to find a solution for this?