Ecommerce and Other Webflow Failures

I am very disappointed with Webflow on this. I have looked through the forums, the wishlists, etc., and for two years users have been looking for very basic features to be implemented within Ecommerce.
These aren’t rare use cases either. There are dozens of requests that have hundreds of people who have voted for updates.
I have been using Webflow for 9 years, but I am about to leave the platform for good if I don’t get some actual open, and honest feedback regarding Ecommerce.
I don’t want another vague response (like the ones littered all over the forums). I want to know what is being implemented and when you plan on releasing these updates. There hasn’t been a significant update on eCommerce in years, and at this point, I would call the integration a scam, or a gimmick, given its very, very limited capabilities at the current price point. I just upgraded from CMS and am now paying $75.00 a month (I am Canadian) for a product that is completely unusable for anything other than scenarios so simplified that they most likely don’t exist for real users.
So please, do your dedicated clients a service and provide some honest and clear updates about E-commerce’s development. If you are abandoning it, don’t lead us on. Just say it. I have a business that is on hold because your staff is not being forthright and honest. Judging by the wishlists and forums, there are hundreds if not thousands of others who are in the same boat.

Following my reading of the Terms of Service and the staff ghosting the user’s requests for updates on that matter, I am pretty much at the point of just giving up on Webflow and moving on to something else. Does anyone have any recommendations? A one-time payment platform would be much preferred over a subscription-based one.