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Important features Webflow Ecommerce is missing to serious clients

I am still not able to convenience a single client to use Webflow Ecommerce…

The only two major must-have features of Webflow Ecommerce missing:

  • Customer Account
  • Discount / Coupon

In fact, I cannot find a running online shop example that is built using Webflow, and has great design and is a medium to large scale serious business. Is there anyone who know any?

I agree with these and add some wishing around backend, integration / api which are what big scalable stores need. Good sh :poop:t is no coming. Webflow is so far ahead of the main players in terms of design tooling!


To me and our clients, we are really not looking for some fancy features, but just two very basic:

  • Customer account … shopper feel secure and able to view their order history
  • Discount OR Coupon … shop owners can launch promotions, eg. sign-up discount!

I believe by just having these two features, Webflow will win over options like woocommerce and shopify.

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