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WordPress replacement?

Just curious what designer/developers have found in using Webflow vs. WordPress. I have a lot of WP clients I’d like to move over, but it feels early yet for some of them.

Are there things you miss? What about plugins? Or have you made the leap and never looked back?

I can tell you that I don’t miss anything from WP. Clients love the CMS and the easiness of working with it. Some of them don’t even realise about the change.

I’m a happy developer with WF as my main tool of work and I have to say that I have happy clients. :wink:


I was once experimenting with making my own custom themes with WP. Because as a designer I was not happy with using someone else design for my client website. But man was that time-consuming. And even if I did use a ready made template and wanted to tweak that with a child theme or whatnot, it was not fun at all. If I need more functionality I still use WF so the developer can use my code and it will be less back and forth as when I would handover a Sketch file.

The idea of plugins is nice. An easy way to get more functionality. But now your site is in hand of a another developer. I once searched for a plugin to solve a problem, found one and now I tried to style it to match the site and the plugins code was a mess. So many hours lost.

I think the the core of WP is good, it’s a excellent blogging platform.


Excellent, thanks for the responses, guys. Much appreciated!

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@robtour After using both, I think there is a time and place for each. I’ve found that 80-90% of the time Webflow is the best option, but at the end of the day WP is more mature and has features Webflow does not offer yet. I’m not going to do a full breakdown of the pros/cons of each (this has been done repeatedly see here)

But here is my 2 cents on when to use each:

When to use Webflow

  • You are building a website with the most dynamic aspect being blog posts/events/news/etc anything you can make with a Webflow CMS collection.

When to use Wordpress

  • The client requires more advanced functionality. An example would be if they absolutely need to have a user authentication system.

Since Wordpress is older, more widely-used, and open source - the possibilities are endless with what you can build. However this also brings along A LOT of negatives/headaches. Webflow is more recent and built on the concept of “throw it all out the window, how should a website be made in 2017?”.

Bottom line, If you are making websites for clients that are more or less standard websites then definitely use Webflow. If the client needs/requires advanced functionality then Wordpress may be a better option for that project (although Webflow can be very powerful in that realm as well if you know custom code). In the coming years Webflow should be making great strides towards feature parity with Wordpress (and has made huge strides just in the past few years!). I can’t wait for my above stat of Webflow being right 80-90% of the time, to shift towards being the correct tool 99% of the time :slight_smile:

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