If I Buy A Template on Webflow Can I Still Clone Other Elements?

In my head this is a simple question that I cannot find the answer to anywhere, and I certainly am not down to pay $79 for a template then not be able to do what I assume I can do.

Basically I’m wondering if it’s possible to still clone elements from say, designers such as Timothy Ricks (love his animations/interactions and scroll effects) after purchasing and implementing a template from the marketplace.

A prerequisite question, I guess, would be - is it possible to clone multiple elements onto a single Webflow page? Like if I want some scroll animation from Timothy AND also some click interactions or something else from another designer on that same page… is that a thing or feature that exists now?

I’ve toyed with Webflow a lot mostly in 2021 and early '22 but I’ve been away from it for quite some time, I remember trying to do the whole multiple cloning thing and not being able to figure it out or it didn’t work.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - PORTFOLIO II

it forced me to put a read only link but i havent yet created the site im asking these questions for

Yes you could copy and paste elements from one site to another if all the sites are on the same account. Basicly you have your template on one site. Clone the Timothy Ricks site you want will create a second site. Copy element from this one then paste them in your main website. Delete after copying so you can clone another site an so on…

You can also use copyflow to copy past elements accrors diferent account.

Have fun