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Create CMS item according to the submitted form


I’ve 10 pages (Pages created via a collection template so it can be more than 10 )each has its own form. How do I Create CMS item for the selected form, e.g form in page 3, so a new CMS item created for the page 3.


Reference fields are not supported by the API yet, so I don’t think you can do this.

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Even with zapier?
What are my options to do so?


Manually by clicking and selecting the reference item

Please can you explain more.
From what I understand I’ve to create a form + Select option with choices to pick from the selected CMS item. isn’t it?
But is there a limit for form select (choices)?
I was thinking to try Bubble but I had terrible design experience with their service so I rather stick and try to make it works.

Could you explain your question with an example project and screenshots of what you are trying to do? I am unclear on what you are trying to do.

I’ve Collection of books (+100)
each book get it is own page via ( book template)
User will add review according to the selected book
User will add review via A form (with select option) as shown e.g book 1 etc.

1-Is this possible to be done?
2-Is there any limit of the number of choices in the form’ selection.

Why do you need a select field when you can have a hidden field with the current book’s title already filled in?

I also said you can’t set a reference field via form submissions or Webflow API - You have to manually set it by hand after the form has been submitted.

Alternatively, you could try a third-party widget Customer Review / Comment section

How to make this “hidden field with the current book’s title already filled in” ? I’ve tried many ways with no success.

I have a tutorial in the tips and tricks category…

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