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E-Commerce features for apparel e-store?

Hi Webflow team,

Here are some great suggestions for your team and wishlist. I’v run and worked on e-commerce websites for luxury brands and think your CMS would benefit well on these features.

  1. Size option in product pages (xs, s, m, l, xl).
  2. Zoom when icon hovers over image (look at product in HD photo detail or similar effect).
  3. Previously viewed products (using cookies).
  4. Insert container block to quickly show a selected product via a product thumbnail with pricing without setting it up manually to be inserted in different pages like blog.
  5. Account creation / login for customers.
  6. Gift Card Support
  7. Package label and shipping label printing (USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc.)
  8. Coupons (Wishlist / todolist I was informed)
  9. Easy Tags for blogs and products.
  10. wholesale pricing
  11. Ability to show original and discounted price of items (original price vs sale price)
  12. Love, like or product wishlist
  13. Pop up modals for Newsletter subscription, announcements, and GDPR cookie warning.
  14. Parent with child style relationship options in product and catalogue pages.
  15. User reviews + star rating

thank you,


Hey all,

I have edited this list and will be editing and clarifying it as time goes by and as we find work arounds. I understand its a young platform and in time this amazing drag and drop CMS will rock better than the templatee Shopify sites.



Webflow as is is not that young, I have been working with it for 5 years. Some of the things you mention you can just add/create. GDPR pop ups you can build pretty easily from scratch for instance and they have little to do with eCom. Some other things you can just do by simply adding a field to the products database.


@Lucius_Blackheart, most of your suggestions can be created or added from scratch. Learning how Webflow works maybe more beneficial to you than to have Webflow create it all for you.

  1. variant will be revealed on public released.
  2. you can create that already
  3. not sure.
  4. create a symbol
  5. coming at or after public release
  6. not sure (probably later feature)
  7. doubt it, but never know
  8. later feature
  9. can already create them
  10. add it as an extra field and add the price in there on your own
  11. add is as an extra field and fitler it
  12. not sure on this
  13. you can create that all
  14. will be released after Beta
  15. use Google Merchant or 3rd party widget

Remember Webflow allows YOU to create mostly anything to your heart’s content or imagination. You just have to think it up and then put it into actions.

Hope this answers your concerns. However, I would recommend adding this to the Wishlist:

Hope this helps


Thank you guys for your information! Will help me and the community.


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