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Missing E-commerce Features

Hi Webflow ! Love Webflow, I am currently using foxycart for my e-commerce integration with Webflow. Liking the beta so far however it is missing 3 critical features before I can transition from foxycart to Webflow e-commerce.

  1. Custom ‘add to cart’ options. eg size options for clothes.

  2. The checkout page custom options. Eg ‘tick box to leave items unattended’ or ‘notes’

  3. Coupons / Discount code options.


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@justinrehayem, due to the nature of a Beta release, the 3 features you have mentioned are not available in the Beta release at the moment. However, from what I have been hearing from Webflow directly these 3 features and a few others will be available in the Full Public release when they are done with Beta.

At the moment there is no ETA on that, however, on the hosting page at the bottom you will see a disclaimer that states “the beta will be over sometime in early 2019”. No set date on it tho.

Hope that helps answer your question.

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Pretty disappointing that these standard features aren’t part of the beta. As someone who specializes in building e-commerce sites on Shopify, I can say that without this basic functionality I would not be able to use webflow over Shopify. I know this is a beta and that it was commented that these features could be part of a public release, but it still makes me hesitate to build anything (even with this iteration being the beta) without knowing these will be available. Imo, these features (especially variants) are essential to e-commerce and should be part of any MVP even in the beta stage. My two cents.

I totally understand. Seeing as the development team at Webflow is still building these features, I do know some (incld. variants and coupons) they are available as I have seen them in use in demos done by Webflow staff!

During the Beta, they are releasing smaller features as they are finalizing development. The Beta release will be ongoing through the rest of 2018 and into early 2019. SO do not give up on it yet. Thats why we are testing it and finding bugs and what not.


Ahhhhhh good to know that these features are indeed in active development. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply…It does ease my concerns…Funny enough I actually got my beta invite this morning :slight_smile:

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Yes, size/color variants can’t come soon enough! I got my beta invite last week but since I run an apparel shop, I’m rendered useless at the moment and I have to patiently twiddle my thumbs for now :weary::upside_down_face:

Hey everyone :wave:

Really appreciate all the feedback and discussion. We are actively developing product variants and are isolating that work from the current beta version, but we’re very excited to get it in your hands as soon as it’s ready.

We also know that coupon codes are a major part or re-sale and marketing efforts for any store and is something we want to support in out store workflows.

Excited to see what you all build.

Thanks for your reply Alex. I have Beta access but building anything or giving any meaningful feedback (apart from bugs) is pretty much useless without product variants as a basic function. Would be great to get an update on when product variants are available.

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Jumping on to provide some more context - we’ll be publishing a big blog post very soon with full details on what’s included in the beta, along with what’s coming next (both for the launch and beyond).

As we release additional features during the beta and beyond, we’ll be pushing notifications, posting in the forum, and emailing ecommerce users to make sure everyone up to date on our latest developments.

TL;DR: this is just the beginning! We have grand plans for ecommerce, and will be making updates well beyond the beta and launch next year.


@brjohnson I wonder… will there also be an option to add quantity with decimals when you release ecommerce? That would also be of great help. A lot of ecommerce sell stuff in Kg, and not pr item.

Hi @Sven_Erik_Slattedale – inventory amounts and quantities with decimals is not currently planned, but the use you’ve described certainly makes sense.

You should add this idea to our Wishlist, to generate more community support and help us prioritize it more effectively: