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E-commerce Beta Missing Parts?

Maybe I’m missing something…

If I add a collection list of products to the homepage or other page, can I not add an “add to cart button” via the collection? I don’t necessarily want people to have to visit the product page to purchase something. This is a crucial feature as is product options and discounts. Currently, you couldn’t even run a list/grid of 20 products with an “add to cart” option…that’s pretty basic e-commerce functionality and can’t be “planned” or “soon” but has to be at “launch” and really should be with the beta.

There is a lot to like with the design flexibility of Webflow’s e-commerce solution. And it looks like for US taxes they have actually made it nexus based and done it right. But overall, it’s still short on features at the moment and the pricing (hmmm… still need compare closely but I think Webflow might be out of range here for many small businesses). I would have hoped that as long as we have waited for e-commerce from Webflow it would have been more fully baked, feature wise. Although, it’s a good start (imo) with missing feature like galleries and pagination…it’s a tough sale.

Also I see a FB connection but how about the Instagram I assume the image below is what this means but normally I’d want to be able to add an Instagram feed to a site and it could pop open or hover for purchase. Is there going to finally be a native Instagram feed?

i think this screenshot may help:

No, it doesn’t at all.

As I said, maybe you read it? I saw the FB piece. Are you saying that also means Instagram? Are you saying that adds an Instagram feed to a site? Are you saying that that setting will magically add an “add to cart” button to a collection list on any page. Are you saying that will create pagination or smart usable galleries?

Hi i can answer one of the questions. No you can not add the button in a collection list for the moment. Must be done on thr ptoduct page. It’s in the wish list and will be added later

You can read more here So You Can Make It Look Pretty - But What About Data Handling?

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I’d seen the other thread and thought that was probably the answer. And that answer left me a bit dumbfounded…just can’t believe e-commerce could be introduced without a products (plural) page where you can have an add to cart button.

I guess I need to do a deep dive into the functionality and pricing. With things like a grid/products page that includes “add to cart” missing and the pre-existing limitations (form unsubscribe issue, no pagination) I’m not sure it’s even worth asking if you can have a per-product form to ask specific questions or collect authorizations, signups or give notices.