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Multiple language websites, Language codes, and multiple domain names

What if we can duplicate the website and add language codes (en, ar, fr, etc.) for each and also RTL for some translations and even attach different sub-domains to the each language site in the same plan. aka. 1 hosting for all sites under 1 domain name?
I think it will help solve many multi-language site issues while using the current Webflow features ex. 1 language code per site.


So, we should create two sites, with different languages e.g. 1 site for RTL, 2nd for LTR. Then, put on site on main domain e.g. and second one as

Am I understanding correct ?

Yeah but pay only one hosting for both as a bundle. That’s my concern. Because the more languages i add for a website the more they will have to pay for hosting. while, right now i’m duplicating pages and adding the code to each page manually. So, it can be done this way, but It’s a suggestion. I don’t know if it’s easier to do it this way, or not actually? Just a thought!

I’ve heard that a language feature is on the table. I don’t know which table though. :grinning:

hehe lol yeah i heard that too. It’s coming soon. But not sure i can wait for it. my project’s deadline is next month. Hoping it will be a cool feature for the future.

Are you able to use the CMS?

I did this test site to try multiple languages

Not a perfect solution but still…

Have you looked at Localize ?

I didn’t like the localize thing. My clients want to write content in 3 languages so it’s better if i give them collections for each language to do that. The static pages are simply easybut the CMS is a bit complicated since they will have to upload the same images 3 times and input the same data like dates and stuff again and again. it’s a little complicated but i’m trying to figure it out. The only-3-references is making it harder to link the collections thought.

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jorn, can you explain, please, how do you do it?

Localize or the the test site?

the test site with CMS

Here’s the public link

Look at that and if you have any questions I’ll happily answer =)

Thank you, bro! I’ll take a look! :smile:

jorn, in Collections, both English and Swedish, I don’t see any items you created. Though in Page edit mode I can see items (Welcome and Second page). I just can’t get how it works… :frowning:

Maybe it’s to simple =D
So, here’s what I did. I have one landing page, index, where visitor choose the language. Then I did do two collections one Swedish with url /sv and one english with url /en. Styled them to look identical. And then filled them with content in the different languages. When the editor has new content he has to fill out each language collection.

See, this is where I fet lost… :frowning:
May be I"ll make a screen record, so you could see my mistakes?

Or even better, you could record yourself? :relaxed:

Sorry I have not done any recordings before and I’m pretty swamped at the moment with all sorts of things and things in the pipeline. Hope you manage to do this anyway. This is pretty simple Webflow cms stuff. You should be able to pull this together :grinning:

Two collections

Two templates

And some dynamic collections.

@jorn @Anna_Kelian The CMS workaround is a good example, but what if you need the language implemented on a Dynamic List Template?

I think the best solution here implemented in Webflow is to have the ability to add Language variables** (Similar to collections but with languages).

You can choose to add new languages form a list of Languages & Countries provided by Webflow (which set the abbreviations “ES, EN, PR” and so).

Also you need to have the ability to set a Default Language.

Adding a New Language to the site activates language features in the site Designer and Editor, like adding multiple language text fields, or having a language changing button in the Editor or Designer, that changes all the texts shown in the site. And in the dynamic list forms you also have this language change button that also acts within the whole form, changing text fields, options, captions, etc.

What do you think?

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Interesting @jmlusiardo Sure would like to see such options available in Webflow