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Yet another Multi-lingual workaround question

Hello all.

I know webflow still doesn’t include multi-lingual features but my site cannot wait :slight_smile: and I’m trying to find a workaround.

I have a blog with the regular collections (blog posts, authors, tags, etc) with the following URL structure: --> Main site --> Spanish version -> USA specific content in Spanish -> USA specific content in English

I have searched (a lot) and found some partial solution on this post:

However, when the main collection includes multi-reference fields (like blog authors or blog tags) it doesn’t work.

I have also tried with the latest nested collections feature (using one language-specific collection with a multi-reference field pointing to all the items in the blog post collection) and it could work, but there is a limitation to show only 5 fields with nested collections.

(By the way, it could help a lot if there were not limitations in the slug naming (I cannot define a slug like es/pa, because it converts to es-pa).

So, please if you guys have found a workaround to try to emulate this URL structure, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards,

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