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CMS: Dynamic Data // Template-Sites

Hello guys!

we created our first website with Webflow-CMS few month ago! :slight_smile:

Now we had to translate this Website into English.

So we cloned all pages, projects (Dynamic Data) and the navbar, too. We filter the projects with category „Referenz (German) and Reference (English)". So we hadn’t to create a new collection and only the projects. Everything is working fine, now.

There is only a problem with the template-page of our projects, cause logically the English projects are using the German template. Can we duplicate this template-site, too? And say: The German project-pages (with category „Referenz“) should use the first existing template-page and the English project-pages (with category „Reference“) should use the second one (which we would have to create then)? If it could work, can you explain us, how we do this? :wink:

Or do we have to create a second collection for the English-ones, which would be very consuming, cause we can’t change the collection in the Dynamic List Wrapper?

You can see the site in the following link:

Also you can see the German navbar on the English content-sites.

I look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

No. One collection = one template.


You can also put all the content in the same colection, that’s what i am experimenting right now. I mean, you duplicate everything within the collection: for example, english title, english body, german title, german body… The you design everything in double in the template (so your template looks like crap and overcrawoded in the designer) and you use conditional visibility to show of hide fields depending on… depending on I don’t know, that’s the issue, how do the page knows its supposed to be in english or german? That’s a tough one actually…

That’s why I’m not really accepting multilangual development with Webflow yet. i’m waiting for Webflow to come up with an in-house solution. Multilangual web has never, ever been sometime easy to manage.

Thanks Vincent! :slight_smile:

At the moment the English and German projects are all saved in the same collection, but as different projects – that means: Not in the same project like you wrote above. But of course, I can change it, if we’ll find a solution for hiding the English/German fields and the English/German navbar… To be honest I don’t know how to hide them… :frowning:

Or is there a possibility to clone a Dynamic List Wrapper and change the collection? I don’t want to build a completely new wrapper for the new English collection. It would cost a lot of time. But if I can clone the wrapper and change to a new collection, I think it will be the cleanest way to resolve this problem.

I look forward for your ideas! :slight_smile: